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The Aftermath of the Grand Opening [Video]

Hello everyone!

So the Grand Opening happened last week, and everything totally went according to plan.  Ok, well... maybe not everything.

It has been a busy week, taking care of all sorts of stuff.  Hence, why no new blog posts in a bit.  Remember, these blog posts are a sort of general communication log between the staff and membership.  The goal of these posts is to afford the membership a casual working knowledge of what's happened, what we're doing, and what's on the horizon.

That said, here's a recap of the Grand Opening for those of you who weren't there.  The weeks leading up to the opening were a mess.  We realized we simply didn't have the time to get everything done.  But we prioritized, got some help from good friends, and worked many of late nights.

We were able to scrape and paint most of the walls, and scrub, scrape, and paint the floors.  A reasonably difficult, dirty, time consuming, and expensive endeavor.  But a job moderately well done... for roboticists playing at being amateur painters.  Most importantly the landlord was happy with the work we did.

The full story is a lot more complicated, and riddled with setbacks and pitfalls.  Including, MIA pro painters, Home Depot shenanigans, and a girlfriend with a blister or three.

Below is a nearly complete video of everything we did.  Thanks to a camera Alex set up before we started.

Everything went well at the opening itself.  We had the Mayor of Worcester, Joe Petty, arrived.   We also had friend and Dean of the WPI Business school Mark Rice.  We also had our friends Professor Fischer and Head of WPI Robotics Mike Gennert.

In addition to our VIPs, we also had two other groups joining us for our opening.  Joe Forjette joined us to promote his new Worcester chapter of the Hacker Scouts.  Bruce Mackenzie joined us to promote Mars Foundation, an organization looking for people and technologies that might be well suited for being among the first to colonize Mars.

If anyone would like to contact any of our VIPs or new partners and friends, please fire me an email, and I will put you in touch. 

We had some food, and drink.  Some of it home made by our newest members.   Delicious!  Our presenters presented, we showed off our stuff, and met a lot of new faces.

All told, a great success!

Nick Bold

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