Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

December, week 1

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving, and all of your loved ones survived another Black Friday.

We have some news, and a few new capabilities to announce.

The Good

  • A new members section of the website is done.  We have a method of submitting jobs online directly to the job queue.  This manual queue will eventually turn into the fully automated queue we are developing.
  • The members section also has a "New Hacker Resources Page" for people looking for resources on how to get started taking advantage of a space like Technocopia.  Kevin will be filling it out with information as he can find time; for now, there is just some basic information there.  Keep checking back for updates.
  • We also have a few other pages that have been up, but I don't think I ever really publicized.  For example, the Calendar (which is usually up to date) has Technocopia's schedule.  Either way, poke around the site if you have time.  There are a few more things up than there used to be.  I usually try to work on it for an hour every day.
  • We have an injection molder that members can now use.  Please see Nick or Kevin first, in regards to using this machine.  We have yet to run anything through it.
  • We now have a huge projector and screen that is available for members, either for work or play.  Host a group meeting, watch a movie with friends... it's here, and under used.
  • We have new classes for Saturdays in December!  Please mark your calendars:
    • Kevin's Computer Aided Design (CAD) 101
    • Kevin's JAVA (Computer Lanugage) 101
    • Alex's Circuit Board Design 101
    • X-mas 101... aka no classes, go spend time with your families!
  • Curiosity Hacked (aka "HackerScouts") will be holding an information session tomorrow (December 5th) at 7pm in our space.  They offer project based science and engineering learning opportunities for children of all ages.  If you would like to get involved as a group leader, or are interested in a program for your own children, please make time for this event!  Please support local educators, they need all the resources they can get to better prepare our next generation!
  • The Long Hall Gallery will be having their opening event Saturday, December 14th from 6:00-10:00 PM, next door in 99 Prescott.  If you are a fan of fine art, local art, local start-ups, Technocopia start-ups, or refreshments... stop in and support your fellow Technocopian!  Bring rich friends, with fine and refined taste.  More at
  • Kevin has made significant progress with the development of the new 3D printer.  It is now officially a living robot.  If you're interested in seeing it, or helping develop it.  Please contact me or Kevin.

The Bad

  • The laser cutter should be online by the end of tomorrow.  We shall withhold food, water, and sunshine from the engineers if this is not the case.

The Other Stuff

  • We now have someone coming in to clean the space.  We would like to remind everyone this is a community space, and any mess you make has to be cleaned up by someone else, hinders others, and creates unsafe situations.  Please observe notes regarding the usage of common spaces, be respectful of others, and spend an extra minute cleaning up after yourself... before you expect someone else to do it.
  • We have a handful of new, potentially epic, opportunities on the horizon.  While I probably shouldn't discuss them... one involves dinosaurs.  Yea, you heard me, moving, breathing, dinosaurs!
  • A few new companies have been considering utilizing our space.  New revenues will mean better service, and new machinery.
  • Enjoy your holidays.  -Nick

44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. (774) 420-2244