Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

An update for everyone:

So I realized, somewhat sluggishly, that our community is quite larger than the few fine folks (alliteration hat trick, haha!) that frequent the brick and mortar shop.  As such, I am going to do my best to write a blog post at least once a week, so people know what's going on here regardless of where they are in the world.

So, I suppose the big story from the last week or so is regarding the space itself.   Many of you reading this will likely not know the nomenclature surrounding the space we work out of.  The address for the building is either 95 or 99 Prescott St, Worcester MA, 01605.  Which address you are at depends on which side of the building you enter from.  If you enter from the side with the docks, facing WPI, that's 95 Prescott.  If you enter from the side with the (new) gravel parking lot, facing away from WPI, that's 99 Prescott.


So, the names of  the offices and spaces inside the building are named slightly differently.  The space on the 95 side, next to the street, is building "A" and the first floor is A1, the second is A2.  The space on the 99 side, next to the street, is "B".  Technocopia, Co. and Neuron Robotics have both been in B1 since anyone ever heard of us.  B2 is held by our associates Running Start, but more about them in a bit.  The space of interest is the space behind both A and B, from the street, and is known as "C".


So, about two weeks ago, our landlord asked us to move out of B1 into C1.   Now you might be thinking this is a problem, but it isn't, and for a few good reasons:

  1. Our landlord has been wildly generous, and has invested more into this project than most people.   He has been one of our strongest supporters.
  2. It's the better space (unless you like sunlight).  There had previously been a manufacturing company in the space, so the electrical hook-ups are there, the space is larger, so we can someday expand with more machines and more members.  There is direct access to the loading docks, as well as a sneaky back entrance through the "gardens" which amuses me. 
  3. The landlord, thinks he has a better chance to rent the front buildings with access to the street and sunny windows.
  4. The landlord can stuff Technocopia in the back where we are out of the way.   There is a common misunderstanding at 99  Prescott that Technocopia, and the membership it would attract, might be an unprofessional lot that might drive away other business.  While maybe a little hurtful, it is a genuine concern of our landlord and partners, and in respect to them we work very hard to keep the space as clean and professional looking as we really are.  If moving into the C1 space (which, again, we wanted anyways) helps alleviate this concern, we are happy to do it.

This all said, is all well and good.  Except for the loss of a weekend+ of work we had put into the B1 space,  getting it ready for the Grand Opening.  So the small local membership (mostly just the incorporators) started getting ready, packing and cleaning, in preparation for a big move from one side of the property to the other.  We got delayed due to lack of the key to get into the space.  The landlord had gone on vacation to the Cape.  After some confusion, we finally ended up with the key in our hands and were ready to move.

But wait. 

So the landlord starts telling us, as part of our "don't look like bums" stipulation to setting up Technocopia Shops we would need to scrape and paint the walls and floors of C1 before we could move in.  So that raised a simple set of questions:

Which is more important to the landlord?  Us paying rent (which requires us to open for business)?  Having C1 painted before we move in (which will take time, and gobble up money we had intended to use to pay rent)?  Or us getting out of B1 so he can rent that to someone else (which requires us to move)?

So we compromised.  We stay in B1, until the renovations of C1 are done.  We open the doors, we pay rent... and we move as soon as we're able.   Everyone's happy, right?  Sure, except for everyone who just packed up everything in expectation of a big move that wasn't gonna happen now... oh shit, that's us!


Well, anyways.  That's most of what happened... now I need to get back to unpacking and re-cleaning the space for the opening at the end of the week. 

There should be a way for people to start buying memberships by the end of the day.  Check back later! 


And, as always, thank you for your support! 

Nick "Scruffy" Bold


44 Portland Street 6th Floor
Worcester MA, 01608
Ph. (774) 420-2244