Technocopia is maker space located in Worcester, MA.  We provide our members with workspace and access to a bunch of tools to work on whatever they can dream up!

Feb, week 1, Meeting of the Membership News

Here's Febuary's update:

Important stuff first: Meeting of the Membership

This month, 9 Members (including myself) who have been with us since month one will be gaining voting rights as part of Technocopia's Voting Body.  (If you are part of this group, I will send you an email.)  The Voting Body functions, and is legally, the organization's Board of Directors.  It controls all of Technocopia's corporate powers, and will effectively take control of the organization at the end of this month.

The Meeting is Saturday, February 22nd, at 6pm until 10pm.  It will be at Technocopia.

If you are able, it is very important you attend the meeting.  If you are unable to be there physically, contact me if you would like to try to join the meeting virtually, over the internet.

How Technocopia is organized, basically:

Voting Body

The Voting Body acts as the legislature, it controls all of the powers the company has at it's disposal, and may delegate these powers to company agents/officers as needed.  The basic system is the Voting Body makes decisions through a direct democratic model, based on Robert's Rules of Order.  Any member who is active, and has been a member for at least 6 of the last 12 months, earns one vote to be used at monthly meetings of the membership.

It is pretty straight forward, but effectively all of the corporation's powers lie in the hands of the Voting Body.


There is no executive branch, aside from volunteers who have been temporarily delegated powers by the Voting Body.  Among others, these volunteers will include the "officer" positions (a state legal distinction): Treasurer, and Secretary.  Aside from the legal distinctions, all volunteers exist as peers, as there is no hierarchy here at Technocopia.  All positions are accountable to the Voting Body directly.

A volunteer, a Member granted any powers by the Voting Body, does not have to be a Voting Member, but does have to be a Member in good standing.


The Steward (a limited executive director) position acts as a sort of Judicial branch of the organization.  It holds the power to veto actions taken by the Voting Body, or its agents, should they violate Municipal, State, or Federal law, or the company's bylaws. 

The Steward also serves as a single contact for Technocopia, monitors volunteers on behalf of the Voting Body and can veto their delegated powers as a whole, should they act outside the explicit purpose given by the Voting Body when the power was granted.

All exercises of power require the Steward to answer directly to the Voting Body, where they can be overturned after the fact.

Up until this point I have acted as the company Steward, and effectively everything else.  Ideally, this meeting will serve as the first opportunity to delegate some powers from the new Voting Body to new volunteers, specifically a Treasurer and a Secretary.


The Bylaws will be available at the next Meeting of the Membership, and will be posted online around that time.


We have made a lot of progress on the 3D printer design, ServoStock, is nearing completion.  There will be a Kickstarter for the launch of the new printer, should you want one.

The big milestone is Kevin has completed the open-source auto-didactic robotics controller.  In addition, there is a WPI research team working with him on the forward and inverse velocity kinematics for the printer a huge advantage to our printer.  Obviously it's robotics black magic. 

Talk to Kevin about it, or email me and I can put you in touch

Projects Happening in the Space

There are a number of impressive projects going on in the space, many of which are open for collaboration.  If you have a project that you would like in the blog, let me know.  I will be compiling projects, and there will be another blog post, soon.  But we have at least one moon rover.

Main Street Advertising Opportunity

The city of Worcester has offered us a storefront this summer on Main St., for the purposes of advertising our space and the work of our membership. This is a big opportunity for growing the membership.  Anyone who wants to help us make an awesome display, or would like us to include examples of their own projects, can contact me.

Desks, Shelves and Displays

A few members have been working on designs to create new desks, shelves and displays for the space.  We have some materials available to make them.  Anyone who would like to help furnish the space, contact me.

Training Classes and Engineering Classes

We will be running weekly training classes so more members will be able to operate the machinery themselves.  Keep checking the calendar for updates.

We are offering classes on skills.  They are listed on the calendar as they are created.

Members who have a skill, and would like to help others teaching that skill should contact me about creating a new class schedule.

That's it for this post, thanks for reading.  I'll have more posts soon regarding more that's happening.

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Ph. (774) 420-2244